Ohio Valley Polyamory Network

Contact Email: jasminegld@aol.com
Organization Type: Local organization
Group size: 200-300


Email list found 1999; website followed.


The Ohio Valley Polyamory Network welcomes those interested in loving relationships, marriages & sexuality that go beyond the traditional couple. In time, with enough people we hope to give birth to a variety of discussion/support groups on polyamory. In these groups we can share our experiences and questions, our joys and hurts, our wisdom and confusions, all in a safe environment. We intend that all who participate feel safe from judgment, sexual pursuit, or pressure to convert to any dogma. Our focus is on creating and linking a community of people in the area who are living, seeking, or open to learning about non-monogamous lifestyles.

Our Vision is to network a community where we can share our own personal experiences with one another. We like the idea of groups spontaneously forming from the creativity and intention of those in the community within the limits of our ethical guidelines.

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