Portland Polyamory

Contact Email: pcdg@portlandpoly.org
Organization Type: Local organization


This is a Meeting Place and Clearing House for Individuals that are seeking to 'Love More Than Just One'... and do so in an 'Open, Candid and Forthright' manner.

Members seek to grow beyond Coupling... and live in a Relationship FORM referred to as 'Intimate Friendships - PolyAmory'.

In 'Threes or more'... they will have a long-term intention to live and love with their 'Best Friends'... in one residence (Communal Type)... or live in more than one residence (Communitarian Type). These 'Independent' individuals will have learned (most slowly) to master the 'Twin Beasts' of relationships - 'Person Ownership' and 'Jealousy'.

Come Get information - Meet Others who share this ideal of 'How Lives Could Be Lived'.

Please Note: If your interest is in a 'Promiscuity FORM' of Relationship (short term Affairs or Cheating)... OR... a 'Swinging FORM' (Recreational Sensual Activities) - this is NOT a Group for you.

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