Madison Area Polyamory Society

Organization Type: Local organization
Group size: 200-300


MAPS was founded in Madison, Wisconsin on June 28, 2003. In that time, it has hosted moderated poly101 meetings, munches, family picnics, coffee gatherings, discussion groups with and without reading material, and more.


Currently, it has a vibrant online community numbering hundreds. The database of current and past discussion group material can be found at Check out the main MAPS site for information on events, to view our calendar, or join the online discussions.

Membership Process:

Visit and join. Send us a brief note about why you're interested in joining. This is just to keep folks from joining to spam our membership or the like. There are no dues or requirements for membership, although we encourage everyone to be involved in the community.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events have been posted. Please contact the group for additional information.

Latest News

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