Florida Poly Moderators Network

Organization Type: Regional organization


The reason behind this group was because the creator saw a handful of poly groups around the state of Florida with different levels of awareness of each other, and some poly events that needed to be promoted in several groups. There are a bunch of regional events, like the Southern Polyamory Gathering and the now-defunct Florida Poly Retreat, that need to be able to reach out to all the local Florida poly groups, but not all the event moderators know who they are or how to do that. There are also a bunch of individuals who are looking for local groups but can't find them and starting their own, as well as groups who are operating just fine but who aren't aware of the other Florida groups.

So this email list was created to give everyone a chance to network, to build bridges between the communities, and to help each other out. Here, the moderators of each local group can connect with each other, and through networking, hopefully we can build a strong state-wide poly community, bringing news and information to polys throughout the state.


This is a "network" - a collection of individuals who are coming together to share resources, ask advice, ask permission to cross-promote events, and to generally help each other out in building a strong and active poly community within the state of Florida.

This group is NOT for general poly discussion or personal poly relationship issues, and it is not for posting non-poly events. If there is a non-poly event that has a poly element to it (i.e. there is a poly meetup at Megacon, for example), that's OK. But please do not extend this group to swinging or fetish or sex or religious or spiritual or other types of events unless there is an explicitly poly connection. We don't need to hear about SCA events, Burning Man, sci-fi conventions, nudist resorts, Wiccan festivals, Tantra workshops, etc. but we do welcome poly meetups, poly relationship workshops, poly potlucks, poly "invasions" (a local poly community attends a poly or non-poly community function together, as a community, to learn more about the other community), poly conferences, poly lectures, or social events hosted by poly groups.

Membership Process:

First you need to be a community organizer or group moderator of some kind for a group that is based in the state of Florida. Then you need a Yahoo! profile or an email address that accepts Yahoo! Group memberships. Then, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FLPolyModNet/ and click the "join" button.

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